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"Made for Humans"

Samuel Kampa

Client Success Lead, Yellowdig

I believe the role-playing experience on Yellowdig was a great way for us to get an understanding as to how public health would work in real life. We were able to see what it would be like to form coalitions and come up with proposals to work towards solving a problem impacting our ‘community'

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Featured Humans of Yellowdig

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-Student at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health 


Rodrigo Mantica

Frontend Developer, Yellowdig

University of Michigan

Georgetown University


High School

Featured Faculty

Dr. Sharon Kardia

Associate Dean for Education, University of Michigan

Dr. Lee Pinkowitz

Associate Professor of Finance and Head of the Online Pedagogy Committee, Georgetown University

Kim Honey

Librarian, Algonquin High School

Natalie Ramos

Sales Enablement Specialist, Yellowdig